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Chuck Goode announces Tax Reform Plan

 If you are like me, you're tired of seeing our Utah politicians running unopposed term after term. We are having a chance this year to present a more progressive voice and another side to many issues.

In Utah, we have an income tax surplus of over $300 million dollars this year and a rainy day fund of over $700 million. I think it's time for families to have a tax break!

We have seen the legislature make three attempts to restructure the taxes in Utah, both the income tax and sales tax. They even tried to pass a tax on food! The question on sales tax in my opinion is just common sense. 

1. SALES TAXES: The situation that created our need for restructuring occurred because people switched from buying at local brick and mortar businesses and now they buy online at Amazon or one of the other online stores. Obviously, we need to increase the online sales tax! We could add a 1% Excise Tax for the convenience of online shopping.  This addresses the real life situation in a way that permits us to help our local businesses and gives incentives for everyone to shop at our local businesses. In order to attract new businesses to southern Utah and to give hard-working families and tourists a break, we should cut the local sales tax rate by 0.25%  as we increase the online sales tax rate by 1%. The Utah legislature could budget for the Medicaid full expansion with the increased sales tax. (They dragged their feet for ten years before being practically forced to comply with this initiative.)  They could also budget for transportation costs without borrowing from the education funds.

2. INCOME TAXES: We also need to go back to a progressive income tax like before 2005 and get rid of the flat tax. This would decrease taxes on families in the middle class while increasing the income tax on the very wealthy.  

Families deserve an income tax cut - especially in these times of crisis. We should cut taxes on incomes below the poverty level (about $44,000) to 2% and progressively increase the tax rate to 20% for incomes over a million. My plan will solve the future concerns about tax restructuring without penalizing our education funding. (We could actually increase the per pupil funding so that Utah is not last in the nation.)  We could increase teacher pay to attract the absolute best teachers. We also could provide more teacher resources such as nurses, social workers, mental health counselors and a technology assistant. Our children deserve only the best.

I am in touch with the majority of the Utahns who are enraged by the constant revision of initiatives that were passed by over 60% of the voters. This has to stop. I will be a voice for the will of the people, and I will defy the lobbyist who go against the will of the people.

My name is Chuck Goode and I ask for your vote for Utah Senate seat 29 in St George on November 3rd. Thank you for your support

Committee to Elect Chuck Goode
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