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My issues are primarily with how the current legislature ignores the people who vote for them. Just look at how they meddled with our four initiatives in 2018. These were approved by over 60%  of the people who expressed their desires with thousands of signatures. Then, we were insulted by their attempts to tax our food, tax our services or increase the gas tax. We share the same goals in Utah in both parties, but, in order to agree on how we get there, we must come together and have a conversation. I look forward to discussing all the issues with you.

Tax Reform

We need to restructure Utah taxes but not by increasing the tax on our hard-working families. I oppose any food tax, any increased gasoline tax and certainly any further decrease in our education funding. My plan increases education funding while also keeping our obligations for transportation and fully expanded Medicaid. People need a tax break especially during this economic downturn.

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